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Woodworking Projects - How to Plan and Build It

Whether you plan to make a table, a new bed or a new cabinet, planning is an important part of any woodworking project. Coming up with woodworking projects is not only a great way to spend ones time, it is also a very rewarding hobby. Before the Internet came about, people relied on books and magazines for do-it-yourself instructions and woodworking plans, however, now that the Internet has become readily available for anyone, it has become easier to look for woodworking project plans.

If you are planning to work on some woodworking projects on your own, then you have to be equipped with some basic tools to get the job done properly. Some of the tools you will need include; a circular saw, a hammer, a drill and a belt sander. With these tools, you can make some fairy nice looking furniture for a few hundred dollars or even less. The plan outlined below is for a simple bunk bed.

You will need to make two boxes out of eight 2 x 6 pieces to get you started on your woodworking projects. The outer dimensions of the boxes should be about 41,5 by 78. You have to drill 3/8 holes with wood plugs and use 3-inch deck screws. Once the boxes are complete, you will have to attach bed supports inside the boxes. Attach corner posts to the boxes with nails to hold the pieces together while you drill holes for the beds carriage bolts. Depending on the thickness of the mattress, you can move the top box up to accommodate it. Drill 3/8 holes for the carriage bolts so that you can attach the corner posts properly.

When the top part is finished, you can repeat the first step and make two boxes again for the lower bunk. Make corner posts, you can use deck or sheet rock screws depending on what your prefer or which is available. The next step is to cut two mattress supports out of 3/4 4 x 8 sheets. Once you have finished attaching the lower bunk, you can build a ladder to make the top part accessible. You will need hooks to hold the ladder to the bed. You have the option to add 2 x 4 pieces to fill out the corner posts and make the bed sturdier. Once the bed is complete, you should be able to assemble and disassemble it for easier transport.

Woodworking projects require appropriate planning. A good plan should come equipped with pictures that show step-by-step procedures on how to go about the whole thing. You can find a lot of these plans online if you want your project to go smoother and a whole lot easier.

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