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Woodworking4Home is a collection of 14,000 organized woodworking plans and projects. All woodworking projects, plans and diagrams are quickly accessible from a computer anytime you want. Woodworking4Home provides you with the blueprints, plans as well as step-by-step instructions you need to successfully complete each woodworking project you choose even if you have zero experience.

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The Woodworking4Home digital package was made by John Metz, a professional woodworker from Montana USA that has more than 20 years of experience. He had certainly put in tons of efforts compiling all the necessary info which includes drawing out clear diagrams, accurate dimensions and gave detailed explanations on the plans design.

Woodworking4Home offers a big selection of plans from basic plans to much more complex plans.
The skill level does not matter! With the step-by-step plans included in Woodworking4Home, you need not have any woodworking experience and you need not be a certified joiner or carpenter. Woodworking4Home package is tried and tested for both beginners and advanced woodworkers.

What is included in the package:
- Blueprints & Materials list you'll need to build the project.
- Full detailed diagram.
- Step by step instructions guiding you how to start from scratch
- Woodworking tools needed during every step of the work.
- 14,000 Plans and projects range from arbor, barns, beds, benches, bird feeders, boats, book cases, buckets, cabinets, chairs, chests, coasters, coffee tables, decks, dog houses, fences, gazebos, lamps, mailboxes along with playhouses for children and many MORE…

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